Sunday, 28 April 2013

Steampunk needs the Northern territories!

The territories in the North need your steampunk assistance.

Dear Boffin Bunker Laboratory Journal Readers

The Boffin received a despatch Aether message over the tweetering network requesting urgent help.  A steampunk festival initiative needs a boost. 

The message may be found here:-

All important further information for this worthy Steampunk venture may be found here;-

Now who amongst the Steampunk brethren & sisterhood could not support the idea of a steampunk festival initiative in the North of England. 

The simplest of contribution is furthering information of the valiant aim via various social media....

...or putting long arms into short pockets & pledging/making a donation of a sovereign or two. You know it makes sense. 

Only through evangelical proselytising of getting steampunk & its diversity more widely known to the greater public will fresh blood & new explorers be recruited to the great adventure (the appreciation of the style, genre, aesthetics simply follows naturally)

Do something jolly nice today!

kind regards

Boffins Bunker

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