Monday, 8 April 2013

Cornish Crustacean Steampunk Lobster Submarine Bot Mod

Cornish Crustacean Steampunk Lobster Submarine Bot Mod

Here at Boffins Bunker the good thing about being labelled a completely barking mad scientist professor & laboratory  tinkerer  in the Steampunk genre, is nobody can really tell or dictate to you what is and what is not 'steampunk'.  Being a boffin operating  in isolation for many years one develops ones own style & angle on what one creates which have been entirely for ones own amusement...and some might think clearly as a result of lack of basic sanity having been in isolation to long.

Like "A Steampunk Cornish Lobster Bot".

Cornish Crustacean Steampunk Lobster Submarine Bot Mod
created in Boffins Bunker in Cornwall

Well I do live in Cornwall & Lobsters are a staple of local coastal fishing.

Backstory; now it seems some 'Coglings' (apparently a term for some steampunkers?...who knew?)  create back stories for their creations. 

So clearly a "Cornish Crustacean Steampunk Lobster Submarine Bot" must be a disposable clockwork automat.  A robotic device deployed from the likes of a Nautilus submarine for external keel maintenance. I therefore believe every submarine should have one.

Apparently, as I learned yesterday from a Nerf gun video on youtube (don't ask), this Crustacean creation is a 'Mod' = Modification.  That is to say I have taken a basic component (in this case a plastic children's toy lobster) and modified it with additions & new paint work.  It is not scratch built, whereas some of my polymer clay creations are.

So where do you keep a Cornish Crustacean Steampunk Lobster Submarine Bot Mod in the home.  Well at the moment mine has moved from the back of a chair & is residing on top of a Victorian Taxidermy Armadillo Sewing basket containing, ...well that's entirely another story.


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