Thursday, 25 April 2013

So Steampunk ...Cornish Masked Ball & a Rabbit Hole

So Steampunk ...Cornish Masked Ball & a Rabbit Hole

Picture liberated from Masked Ball Website

Trawling through my early morning Aether Cornwall messages with my 1st coffee of the day I spotted the combination of (a) Masked Ball & (b) Rabbit Hole.  Now that's enough to make any Steamer prick their eye balls up, even an old laboratory recluse like me.

Turns out there is a cliff top ticketed party planned at Porthleven on May 4th.  That's  damn near right outside the Bunker laboratory door. 

Who knew?

Well actually clearly a lot of young folk (these urchins & urchinettes all communicate by magic & pheromones you know!) as all the early bird tickets for the Masked Ball are gone!

But indications are some regular tickets remain at time of lab journal writing!

This Porthleven Cornish cliff top event is in fact so close-ish  if I cut down some trees, shifted a hill slightly to the right, and excavated the valley floor by fifty feet I could probably with aid of low level ocular device even see the Masked Ball camp site from the Bunker blast doors.

Picture liberated from Masked Ball Website

Now anything that's likely to jig my laboratory test tubes into dancing a shanty on the shelf requires further investigation and it turns out the cunning blighters have done it before.  So certainly no novice Cornwall Masked Ball event.  This is planned, organised & clearly out for fun, if a little video I found is any indication.

I like it when people have fun, its a commodity in relative short supply.

Picture liberated from Masked Ball Website

Now although the Boffins Bunker is several miles from the sea as the crow flies, I can genuinely sometimes hear Atantic storm waves breaking on the shore when the wind is in the right direction. The chances are I may well get to hear the rhythmic beat of the Masked Ball carried on the wind, (or reverberating through the old tin mine tunnels beneath the bunker).

I will stand at the Bunker doors & from a distance, with a suitably liquid libation, jig solitary in conjoined spirit with these happy young folk.

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