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Artificial arachnid & other experimental Cornish steampunk insect entomology

Artificial arachnid & other experimental Cornish steampunk insect entomology

Collecting things for the 'Cabinet of Curiosities', back-a-while the Boffin decided an entomology section may be a good idea.  However the 'Budget Of New Developments' was at the time a bit scratchy at the bottom of the barrel for a full blown South American exploratory jungle jaunt. (Have you seen the bus fare to Penzance lately?)

Boffins Bunker Beetles & Bugs

The creation of artificial arachnid & other experimental Cornish steampunk insects in the laboratory seemed to be the ideal solution.  Especially as it meant using up mainly spare parts already lying around in the bunker.  In the case of the quite simple tarantulas, these primary consist of:-
(1) Copper wire
(2) Torch light bulb
(3) Top metal bit of a disposable lighter
(4) x8 Compression springs
(5) x8 nuts and
(6) a small assortment of watch part.
Oh! ...and
(7) Boffin Bunker secret formula ingredient (ie: Super glue may be purchased at many retail outlets)  
Ta-dah!  One Cornish Copper legged tarantula
Please note: These bugs may possibly be useful for surveillance purposes or equally completely & utterly pointless.  
Boffins Bunker Artificial Arachnid 
of the Cornish Steampunk Copper legged Variety
Now the trouble with insects, bugs, beetles & spiders is they do tend to proliferate, especially the more you make in numbers.  'Doris' the original Cornish Copper legged tarantula certainly has not helped, winding up the other creepy crawlies (well the clockwork ones).  Now the little blighters are everywhere in the boffins bunker, although some have now been confined to a display case.
NB:  Since the boffin has had these spiders in the study...not a single regular biological spider has been observed on the walls.  They may possibly all be cowering under the sofa!!   That's not to say there are not still cobwebs in the Bofffins Bunker, the like of which Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan chappie could almost happily swing around on.
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