Thursday, 18 April 2013

Brief return to tinker in Cornish Steampunk Laboratory

A return to tinker in the laboratory.
Image is not the Boffin Bunker but seemingly a colleague in the scientific world

Dear Reader

Having taken the step in the region of two weeks ago to emerge from my bunker, today I am having a little respite & returning to my lair of  dank experimentation for a little practical R&R therapy. Plus I have been neglecting my tinkering, & with more than half a dozen projects on the go ...but none anywhere nearing completion I must prise myself away from the infernal screen which sucks leech like upon my time, like a Goth vampire on a vein.

My blunderbuss 24 bore steam cannon approach to getting out there in steamy punk world (when did I start, was it really 3rd April?) has had a smattering of very positive results, and some less successful than had resulted with prior experiments on different topics on the internet in the past.

However, this has left me scratching my head & now considering a different Boffins Bunker formula & strategy to my world domination plans or at least to the furthering of steampunk in/from Cornwall.  What worked for me once in terms of the internet are clearly not as useful as they once were, (something to do with google having a zoo filled with genetically altered algorithm pandas & penguins, or something like that) so things having moved on whilst I've been hunkered down in the lab. That will teach me to take my eye off the leather spherical object.

My google page rank when 'Steampunk Cornwall' is searched has been most satisfactory, but its not resulting on 'boots on the ground' trampling around of multitudinous visitors on my various interconnected sites ie. youtube, pinterest, flickrtwitter & this blog.  That said the quality of visitors & contacts made has been epic & my peeks into the analytics of source visitors I always finds interesting & educational...not that I've worked out what to do with the stats yet, but hey, who knew I had a fan in South Korea?

Until the next post, regards


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