Saturday, 20 April 2013

Roll up, Roll up, commission bespoke Circus, Steampunk & Burlesque clothing from Cornwall

Rob of 'abeautifulpalegreen' sporting one of his own
 circus-esque Harlequin outfit creation
Like a top hatted & tailed ringmaster with a megaphone I call out "Roll up, Roll up. Commission bespoke Circus, Steampunk & Burlesque clothing from Cornwall"

When the Boffin first cast my eye about to discover more about steampunk that may lie outside my bunker blast door in Cornwall, it was a posting by Rob Clement on his 'abeautifulpalegreen' blog page that 1st nudged me in the right direction.

I promised myself then I would return to record his creative work in my laboratory blog notes. 

abeautifulpalegreen is a relatively new business based in Saltash, Cornwall teetering close to the border with Devon, & the city of Plymouth. It is still in Cornwall where Rob Clement makes his bespoke clothing.  His creative leanings reflect inspiration from & towards Circus swing, steampunk, and burlesque. 

Rob & Friend on photoshoot modelling
creations from abeautifulpalegreen

Now I've tried willing boffin buttons back onto my coats solely by mind control & not succeeded, whereas Rob is clearly multi skill levels well above being more than a little handy with a needle & thread.  Like many skilled craft, trade & artists associated with the steampunk sub-culture genre, Rob has his own Etsy shop

Handcrafting & individual skill being very much a feature of steampunk with many artisans & craft persons creating one off bespoke items, often as a result of personal Commissions.  Rob of a 'beautifulpalegreen' also welcomes commissions.

He is also part of a small but beautifully formed collective of other creative persons referred to as the 'Rapscallions'.  When creative people get together, encourage & nurture other creative people it is always a good thing.

Rob of abeautifulpalegreen sports one of his own
made to measure Musketeer Waistcoat

So if your looking for bespoke clothing which is a bit different, a little special & handcrafted, with a far more personal touch....and from Cornwall, then here are multiple points of contact for Rob of 'abeautifulpalegreen'

Go on, pay his web links a visit.


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