Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Anatomy of Death Folding Decoupage Antomical Card from Boffins Bunker

Fascinated by the antique anatomical wax models & engravings, illustrations of the C18th & C19th, but I have found them beyond my meagre budget to collect.

I felt I had to have something in the Boffins Bunker Laboratory 'Cabinet of Curiosities' collection reflecting my liking of these aspects of antique medical curios, so often macabre to our modern sensibilities,  but so often fit into the genre of 'Wunderkammer'.

So I created this:-

 'Anatomy of Death' Fold out decoupage card
created by Boffins Bunker Steampunk Cornwall
 Ebonised card with an aged feel patina created by wax polishing the card after decoupage. Anatomical transects through body.  I might see if I can develop it more along the lines of a pop-up book next time I fiddle with the images I created to make this folding card.  

One of the images from 'Anatomy of Death' Anatomical folding card
created by Boffins Bunker Laboratory from bits of this & that.  
(PS: Not the Boffins body used in the pictures.  However, you do have to use whatever resources, corpse that happen to be lying around when being steampunk creative....and note of warning:- apparently home post mortems are likely to result in a court order...who knew?)

There are more images of Boffins Bunker 'Cabinet of Curiosities' creations from the laboratory in Cornwall, UK to be found here on Pinterest.


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