Saturday, 13 April 2013

Cornwall Bigfoot sighted near home of Beast of Bodmin

Cornwall Bigfoot sighted near home of Beast of Bodmin

Bigfoot Studios that is...

I recently started to Twitter & one of my first new contacts made was Trystan Mitchell.  A most talented artist & illustrator based in Cornwall running Bigfoot studios

A quick look at his blog, impressed, immediately promised him I would write about his illustration art upon my own blog.

Upon my return to write said piece...I ventured to the Bigfoot blog & became happily lost in the Bigfoot studio art works.

After an hour not a word had I written.

Transported back to being a child when I would steal my brothers DC Comics & hide under my bed to look at the weird & bizarre illustrations. I found myself spun sideways into the Victorian, steampunk-esque (is there such a word...there is now!) & the clearly influenced by Cornish folklore & landscape illustrations of Trystan Mitchell. Then catapulted into the future-past with visions of what maybe yet to have come ...back then! In particular I liked being able to see some of the draft bones of a design, before being worked up into the finished illustration.

I just kept scrolling back through the inkfunnel blog posts.

I loved the almost caricature but in a pop art, comic book illustration sort of way portraits. As for the Hairy Pothead (I chuckled) ...and I swear to God I had to deal this very week with the creature from Zombie Direct that Trystan had illustrated.

Happy, happy was I looking at all these 'fabutatious' illustration creations.  I even downloaded one of his free to print & make paper toys.  All set to print it off & spend some time playing with scissors, glue & card...then remembered...I'm supposed to be writing a blog article about Bigfoot studios.

So far better I write less ( I have serious paper toys to make in the laboratory) and you simply follow this link to the wonderful world of Bigfoot studios;-


  1. Bless you me 'ansum! Thanks for the swell write up Boffin. Hope you enjoy the paper toys ;)

  2. It really was a pleasure Trystan looking at your Art work. Especially for me those with such clear Cornwall landscape/folklore & Victoriana/Steampunk theme influences. A joy!