Friday, 19 April 2013

Seeking a Steampunk Glossary Lexicon for aspiring Pontificating Gob Wafflers

The Boffin scoured the Aether net filed volumes for
a comprehensive Glossary or Lexicon of Steampunk terminology

Years ago I heard 'Pontificating Gob-Wafflers', as a reference to lawyers for their speaking & communicating in letters in their own zealously guarded in-house legal jargon.  This legal jargon effectively ensuring lawyers their continued protection & guaranteed employment in necessary translation of the law to the rest of the population who were not fluent in or signed up club members to the legal jargon. 

The legal profession could be seen by some as the finest bit of protected working practise ever & which would make any 1970's dyed in the wool red socialist Marxist trade unionist shed a tear of utter humbled respect for. 

When language is used to exclude & not include it becomes a kind of private school boy club & stifles broader participation, understanding & membership.  One cannot help but think that by some who jealously guard such little secrets, were as single child two year old toddlers never taught by their parents to share their toys.

Having encountered several variations on the same usage of word in Steampunk dialogue or different words for fundamentally the same thing I went in search of a comprehensive Glossary or Lexicon of Steampunk terms & terminology. 

A visit to Brass Goggles found a smattering of terms, but primarily in a discussion thread & what was a relatively thin on the ground threadbare glossary.

A visit to Steampunk Empire found the plans for a most worthy Steampunk Lexicon Wiki project, but it appears to have staggered to a temporary halt in construction.  The discussion thread however was most interesting.

I did find an interesting C19th Victorian Slang glossary, although the historical accuracy may be questioned by some.

If anyone does point me in the direction of a good glossary of Steampunk terms or I  should find a comprehensive lexicon I'll come back & add a link to it.

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