Monday, 15 April 2013

Boffin wires baby up to light & tackles piles with a shovel.

Boffin really needs to do some things today!

Also looking around my study there are growing piles of this & that.  The visible bit of the carpet disappearing as the piles of stuff encroach on the ever decreasing floor space.

Just when does collecting tip over to becoming obsessive border line hoarding?

I can see a box of dismembered porcelain dolls heads (project), a big pile of water pistols (another project), some recently acquired boxes of watch parts (lots of projects) , some welding equipment (it came with valves & several sets of goggles), etc. etc.  Shakes fist in air....'Damn you, you sultry temptress eBay!'

So here's todays Boffins offering, a video I made previously.

Lets tidy this room, now where's me Cornish shovel?

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