Friday, 12 April 2013

Barking Mad Kernow Laboratory Punk Event Virgin Getting up a head of Steam in Cornwall

Barking Mad Kernow Laboratory Punk Event Virgin Getting up a head of Steam in Cornwall

Well its a little over a week (or so) since I took the plunge to stick my head over the blast door parapet of Boffins Bunker Laboratory to blink in the sunlight & enter the outside Aether Steampunk world. I burst forth (stumbled, damn the absinthe) as a complete newbie into the world of Steampunk!

Steampunk Cornwall : Boffins Bunker

However, I have quietly been a steampunker all my life & just not known it.  When I did find out that my little foible laboratory art/sculpture creations fitted in a sub-culture genre all of their own called STEAMPUNK I decided to bide my time before taking over the world, letting my creations & 'Cabinet of Curiosities' objects & artefacts lose upon an unsuspecting public.

I first tried 'Brass Goggles', a Steampunk UK based forum, but for some strange reason their clanking machinery had a wooden 'sabot' tossed in it & would not accept my UK email address (hmmm, still will not?).

Therefore my real 1st port & contact with the Steampunk world  was through the nice people at  'Steampunk Empire' forum,

...from there I began my plan for world domination building a profile web image of
'BOFFINS BUNKER' with a view to further advance Steampunk in Cornwall, UK

So far in a week Boffins Bunker has a presence through:-
(If you haven't visited them yet please do)

1.  Google blog (that's this website)
2.  Youtube video channel
3.  Pinterest
4.  Twitter
5.  Flickr 

I welcome positive & constructive contact from other steampunkers, be they in Cornwall UK or further a field.

I am most happy & keen to promote through my blog Steampunk enterprise in/from Cornwall.

Kind regards

Boffins Bunker

Below a Boffins Windows 8 rant!

(NB: Whilst setting up all these various new points of website interface, I have to deal with an internet connection WiFi (joy of rural Cornwall) that has the speed of an arthritic snail in death throws, plus I have been fighting, battling, struggling in coming to terms & trying to get my almost month old new fangled desk top computer which came installed with (for me utterly loathsome) Windows 8 to actually do what I want. 

I am singularly unimpressed with the Windows 8 roundabout nonsense, & things jumping out at me un-expectedly & disappearing again (with large squares of primary colours clearly designed to entertain pre-school children ), of the Microsoft Metro Tiles format. 

Personally (an opinion), if one has a desk top computer with a mouse & do not have a touch screen and only use your comp for nothing much more than buying merely as a consumer from commercial websites or posting 'likes' on social media like facebook, then Windows 8 will probably be fine. 

If however as in my personal experience you use a desk top comp for more than mundane & consumer purpose I would now avoid Windows 8 like a typhoid Mary. A Typhoid Mary that is that has a severe case of small pox & the black death plague & the clap combined.  My experience of the new W8 OS has been most negative in the extreme  & not much good for low/mid end creative &/or business use of my endeavours. 

Don't believe me? 
Do a google search (I did) under 'I hate Windows 8' and visit some of the computer tech geek & nerd forums & websites to see just how many small/medium business people & those who use their desk top comp creatively and/or for business purposes really loath Windows 8. 

There is seemingly a small cottage industry booming for computer IT techie types to reinstall the absent start buttons, practically disable (as much as possible the Metro tiles App interface) & for others re-grading desk top computers to back  install Windows 7 or a different OS provider altogether instead! 

What were Microsoft thinking about alienating so many small business people?  

I've had Windows 8 almost a month & I still despise. loath & hate it!) 

RANT over, I needed to vent & now desperately require to sip a cup of sweet Lady Grey tea!

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