Monday, 29 April 2013

STEAMPUNK: Come in from cold of Brass Monkeys & warm up with Brass Goggles

See no evil, Hear no evil, speak no evil
......the 4th, do no evil (holding his neither regions) is missing

Come in from cold of Brass Monkeys & warm up with Brass Goggles

It can be cold out there in internet Aether. I find I have to wade through so much stuff to get to anything that I want, I feel like a virtual clothing fashion hoarder looking for a collar stud.

Trying to find out about Steampunk is no different.  In theory Steampunk is supposed to be on the rise in cultural popularity.  For those who become interested at a peripheral level, finding out more may seem quite complex & involved.

I could save you the effort of reading all this, by simply saying 'Brass Goggles'

But where did I start?
Well the search engine Google seemed the obvious choice.  For me that brought up 42,500,00 results for the broadest of search terms 'STEAMPUNK'.  Forty two & a half million results...and I'm not reading through all that lot!

Google has algorithm-ish type thingy-whatsits (I bet its steam nanotechnology manipulated by steam wizards) which apparently tailor  search results based on your IP address previous viewing/searches (or something like that). 

The 1st ten on my Google Steampunk search results:- Top of Google came a paid for advert for some fancy dress costumes to buy.  (Not a particularly good or encouraging start)

Then came:-
(1) Wikipedia entry:- (The reading of which did not overly excite me, but was informative in its diversity)
(2) Google images of steampunk.  (Proliferated by seemingly leather clad persons & some fine creations gadget artefacts, but this changes frequently)
(3) Steampunk Empire; A forum (Mainly American) This was my own 1st point of entry into the world of SP.  I joined the good ship 'Steampunk Empire', although I am in the UK, I pop by nearly every day.
(4) The Independent, a UK newspaper article, (expounding that Steampunk is the latest fashion).
(5 & 6) Two commercial clothing websites (Yawn, sorry that was most rude of me)
(7) Steampunk Face book (Hmmm, make your own mind up on this one!)
(8) A 'How too Steampunk' (Now this I liked in parts)
(9) Amazon (flogging mainstream stuff!)
(10) article 'What is steampunk' (Now unfortunately this website set of my malware detector & the little Lilliput lady held captive in my computer started to scream  'Threat has been detected' like a demented female version of the Robot in Space family Robinson'  "Warning, Warning, Danger, Danger, etc. etc." which is why I have not included a link)

Now Google searches I find are like newspapers, the most interesting stuff is usually on page two & three.  (NB: I most certainly do not mean the red top tabloids, harrumph!)

Google search page two revealed for me two items of note:-
(1) Steampunk Magazine:- Informative (But felt a little sterile to me)

& then we have...
(2) Brass Goggles;  A UK based forum

Brass Goggles is the 'GO TO' site!

If you want to know more about the vast diversity under the umbrella term 'Steampunk', allocate some solid research time (hours spread over days multiplied by  beverages of choice) reading through oodles of postings that most suite your particular leanings & inclinations regarding steampunk.   Be aware some threads tend to meander & wander a bit.

I personally encountered problems registering on Brass Goggles over a period of weeks attempting.  The Brass Goggles machinery gremlins did not like my email addresses at all.  I eventually used an email from a seldom used account & finally joined the forum. Ta-dah, tenacity & perseverance over machines wins every time or that of use of a 4lb lump hammer!!

So there is no need to be out with the Brass Monkeys, in the past future world of Steampunk come in from the cold and see if Brass Goggles fit. (Even if it's just to lurk as a guest)
I have now complied with terms on a sticky thread on Brass Goggles that if I want to mention my steampunk blog on BG postings, 'quid pro quo' I have to have mention of Brass Goggles on my blog.

NB:  One of the lesser known steampunk websites I personally like can be found HERE

DASH! Bother & Blast! Wouldn't you know it.  There IS a Steampunk jewellery artist called 'Brass Monkeys'!  I wish to make it quite clear the above article was reference to the long accepted & historical term reference to Brass Monkeys as being an indication of cold & not intended as a slur in anyway upon the creativity of Steampunk Brass Monkeys, the artist.  Not being on Facebook I had not come across them.  However, in fairness here is a link to their FB page. 

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