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Pickle wet specimen creatures for the Steampunk Victorian Cabinet of Curiosities

Pickle wet specimen creatures for the Steampunk Victorian Cabinet of Curiosities

(Alternative title: 'Get Wet & Pickled')
(Another alternative title: 'A wet specimen is for life, not just Halloween')

Genuine Museum preserved Wet Specimens
Every respectable gentleman (& some less respectable) of Victorian leisure & science would have had a virtual home museum of artefacts & objects in their private collection, often housed in the library or study.

Malplaquet House, London
image acquired from Pinterest

Cabinet of Curiosities, or Wunderkammer of quirky, weird & natural (& unnatural) wonders. These were often after dinner conversation pieces for the gentlemen (& the more adventurous non-swooning ladies).

Now these collected objects could get pretty bizarre & genuinely quite creepy.  However, no respectable well read person of Victorian science or barking mad laboratory boffin would surely have been without their wet 'specimens'.  Boffins Bunker no exception & we had to create a few of our own for our cabinet of curiosities.

From Boffins Bunker's own 'Cabinet of Curiosities'
(i) Real Snakeskin Oil, (ii) Kraken Squid Cephalopod, (iii) Occult Divination Nutshells

Wet squid specimens nestled amongst other objects in
the Boffin Bunker 'Cabinet of Curiosities'

I have an inspiring image collection of Cabinet of Curiosity collections here on my Pinterest

but where does one get specimens?

Ah, well, that takes application & dedication, ferreting about and often looking at things in a slightly different the luminous fishing bait moppet lure used in the above wet Kraken squid specimen.

"I collect.
What I cannot collect, I create. 
What I cannot create, I imagine.
What I cannot imagine...others will,.. in time!

A virtual collection of wet specimen images may be found here on Boffin Bunkers Pinterest board 'Get Wet & Pickled'

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