Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Not Quite Einstein Cornish Laboratory Boffin Equation Theory on Steampunk Creation

Not Quite Cornish Einstein Laboratory Boffin Equation Theory on Steampunk Creation

As theories go, the genius Einstein had an ok theory of sorts
Bonkers Boffin in Cornwall has one of his own on origin of Steampunk

Is there a non-Higgs boson  particle responsible for development & creation of Steampunk?

Now for a completely Bonkers Boffin like myself spending far to much time alone in the confines of my Steampunk laboratory bunker such questions are seemingly very unimportant.  Far more important scientific questions in an ever energy consumption conscious society are 'Does the light really go off when I shut the fridge door'? or  'Who left the milk out again'?

But for me being a dedicated bonkers boffin it would be completely irresponsible of me not to have at least one Steampunk formula equation on the origin of my own Steampunk.  My theory which goes a little like this:-

                                    (Victorian + Antiques + Natural History)  =   Stmpnk4Me
                                       Recycled + Occult + Science Fiction


      V+A+NA    =  Stmpnk4Me

Now as theories go, it may not quite be as tight & light up the academic & scientific world like Einstein's E=MC2  theory,  but it will do to explain for now the origin of my own Steampunk creations.
However as a responsible 'cogling' I clearly will now have to build a steampunk machine much like the Hadron Collider , but maybe just a bit smaller.  I will have to test it & my theory throughout the myriad of abandoned Cornish Tin mine tunnels under  Cornwall (& my home) to now prove my steampunk equation theory? (Click on that last link & you may get caught in a quantum web loop)
When you create Steampunk devices  there is always something to do!

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