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Cursed Occult Steampunk Androids Hand, Chemical Weapons & a Monkeys paw

Cursed Occult Steampunk Androids Hand, Chemical Weapons & a Monkeys paw

The Cursed Occult Androids Hand.
Kept in the Cornwall based vaults of Boffins Bunker Laboratory

The Occult Androids Hand seemingly powerless now & spent of its power to grant three wishes, wishes which were said when granted meddle with fate of the possessor.

This severed Androids early robots hand comes from a vintage golden age when modern science was in its most exciting infancy & magic still had a place as a force & power of influence in some parts of the world.  The Occult Androids Hand is the result of inkiest black science & sinister dark occult forces that were brought together in an unholy ritual & experiment of the most foul & un-natural nature.

Conjured from knowledge said to have been gleaned by torture, intimidation & bribes about the origin & creation of the fabled Fakirs Monkeys paw.  The cursed Monkeys paw, an item as legend has it brought so foolishly back to England from the Sub continent of India whilst India was still the jewel of the British Empire at the turn of the C19th. 

Research & rumour indicates the Androids Hand may possibly have been created at the turn of the C20th in a secret British government weapons research facility at Nancekuke, near Portreath on the north cliffs of Cornwall (or not).  

Nancekuke was rumoured to have been long been in operation as a secret laboratory  prior to factually having become an outstation of Port Down (CDE) Chemical Defence Establishment. The manufacture of the nerve gas Sarin began at Nancekuke in the early 1950's and this location in Cornwall became an important facility for stockpiling the UK's Chemical Defences during the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

The Androids Hand embodied in its power through ritual practise & laboratory creative experimentation.  It is said to have had the power to grant its owner three wishes, but the Androids hand  would interfere and rebalance with malice the fate of the possessor if the wishes were used.

The ritual to recharge the foul object had been written on the finest Egyptian papyrus parchment but said by some to have been burnt, by others dissolved in acid of vinegar to destroy the secret of restoring the hands foul power. 

It is an example of the darkest of unnatural Occult practises & quasi-modern science steampunk artefacts.  Allegedly rendered impotent of its former Dark Art & now kept retained firmly in its containment  box amongst the other acquired  'Cabinet of Curiosities' artefacts held in Boffins Bunker Laboratory in Cornwall.

It also is said if you stare at the hand long enough through the bottom of a lead crystal whiskey glass in the flickering light of an open fire one may see a slight nervous twitch or the skin move or a finger flex ...ever so slightly! 

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