Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hand Crafted Steampunk Apparel items made in Cornwall

Lot more than pasty's made in Cornwall

If you have stumbled upon this blog site looking for a mail order Cornish Pasty shop your luck is in.  Not for a pasty, (well if you must, I like these, where you can order real Cornish pasties here),  but also there are other most wonderful things coming out of Cornwall. 

I'm quietly  on a mission to help showcase Steampunk in Cornwall.  Not just my own laboratory creations from Boffins Bunker, but that there are many other talented 'coglings' quietly making creations in Cornwall.

So here's a little blog article on Madam Morwenna whom I recently made contact with by twittering.

Madame Morwenna
Hand Crafted Steampunk Apparel made in Cornwall

Madame Morwenna loves to hand make things and this  is evident in what you see on her quite beautifully presented website shop.

Steampunk eye patch made in Cornwall by Madame Morwenna

Everything item stitched by hand, including sequins and beads. No new fangled sewing machine used don't you know!  All handcrafted & completely unique, even those of seemingly, but not quite similar design.

Madame Morwenna trained in Illustration, & graduated from University College Falmouth (that's here in Cornwall, UK) with a BA (Hons) in 2008.

Is her work in the genre of Steampunk, cyberpunk, dieselpunk?
I don't care as it looks just beautifully made!  Plus there are even things for us boys to wear! (ps. that charming young man is not me in the pic below)

Ninja Velvet Mask :
Hand crafted by Madame Morwenna in Cornwall
Apparently adapting her costume and character designs into physical accessories by teaching herself how to make them into three dimensional accessories of glamour.

Oh and the talented lady can adapt designs to suit your own commissions, best actually to see the wide range of creations on Madame Morwenna's website

...and the lady has a Facebook page

...but Shhh, I found her on Twitter (where a small, but beautifully formed group of Cornwall steampunkers are a tweeting)

Pinstripe Corset Mini-top hat by Madame Morwenna,
Steampunk Cornwall, UK

So have a peek at the website
...and to see Madame Morwenna illustrations, (Oh she really is a talented lady) please visit

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