Saturday, 6 April 2013

Faux Fantasy Fungi Cabinet of Curisoities Mycology Specimens & Museums

Another short slide show video from the Boffins Bunker. 

More images of my faux antique Victorian Museum Mycology specimens.
I created these fantasy fungi for my own Cabinet of Curiosities when I realised just how much the original papier mache C19th antique examples of Fungi sold for...which were well outside my meagre collectors budget.

Is this Steampunk, no, not really but you see I don't care.  I find my various natural history objects, taxidermy, object d'art & antiquities sit most comfortably beside my Steampunk creations.

There is something about old Victorian Museum Collections which I really like.  I think one of my favourites being Tring Taxidermy Museum in Hertfordshire, which I had the good fortune to visit last year with a dear friend. A gentler experience than say the usually hugely crowded London Natural History Museum, although rug-rats & ankle biters still abounded, but less frenetically so. 
The delightful Tring Museum of Taxidermy, Hertfordhire, UK 2012
Less crowded than  the London Natural History Museum & somehow more intimate & personal.
Most smaller museums still (due to budgetary constraints) have lots of specimens & artefacts all packed in cheek by jowl in a serendipity pot luck of what may be exhibited side by side. Usually the bequest of a philanthropist Victorian gentleman personal pot luck collection of foibles & quirks which took their exotic fancy in their lifetime.  
Some museum's seem to be returning to that sort of exhibition, which pleases me.  After years of minimalist displays & sticky telephone computer audio explanation as to what artefacts were (usually with a tape recording with an American accent, why?).  I like hand written spider like museum exhibit labels which have faded with time, which in themselves require careful examination to decipher. 
Perhaps I should run a completion on Steampunk Empire, with one of the faux fungi as a prize,  inviting people  to come up with some Dog Latin or Pig Latin names for these fungal mycological species examples; (when (if) I get some  blog followers).
NB: There are other Steampunk & Cabinet of Curiosity slideshow videos on my youtube channel here:-
...and pictures of more of my creations on Pinterest here:-

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