Friday, 3 May 2013

How to Create a not-so Antique Anatomical Figure for the 'Cabinet of Curiosities'


Anatomical & other 'Cabinet of Curiosities' pieces
on sale in specialist London shop.

'Cabinet of Curiosities'
Creating not-so Antique Anatomical
 Figure Pieces or High Prices

The sterility of minimalist interior fashion decorating has dominated UK homes in recent years, but there is a quiet counter move going on. 

The good news is the 'Cabinet of Curiosities' room is back in favour with some (including some within the Steampunk movement).  Collecting of interesting objects & artefacts has also been made far easier with accessibility of the internet. 

There those seeking out the 'different' & who clearly do not want mundane, boring bland beige sameness of smooth mass produced 'ticky-tacky' one piece injection moulded plastic seemingly created more for benefit of modern manufacturer & retailer, than the customer.

In recent years there has been a steady surge in collecting of Surgical Antiques & Macabre Anatomical Medical Pieces.  Many of the more spectacular prized early pieces already housed in private wealthy 'Cabinet of Curiosities' collections & museums.

Wax male anatomical figure, Italian,

The downside is prices, sometimes of thousands of pounds are being fetched at Auction for such antique anatomical pieces & are well beyond the shallow pockets of the Boffin.

Boffin Solution:-
Create your own
Anatomical Faux Figure 

Centre of picture: Boffins Bunker
created Anatomical Figure

The Boffins Bunker Anatomical figure (centre of picture above & in image below) has been created by using a car boot purchased former child's toy 'Man of Action' (or GI Joe).  Wrapped head to toe, mummy like, in masking tape.  Coated in Black ebonised French button polish. Decoupage with a copyright free anatomical illustration printed off on computer.  Applied with PVA glue.  When dry, polished with Dark Tan shoe polish for the aged patina & wax effect.  

Above: Two example of Boffins Bunker Anatomical
figures (I) Skeleton (ii) Muscles for a 'Cabinet of Curiosities'

There you are dear Boffin Bunker Laboratory journal reader, a relatively simple project (NB: may involve sticky fingers)

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