Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Get sticky fingers, glue on gears & call it Steampunk

Dear Boffin Laboratory journal readers

Now please don't get me wrong, I think the video below is very clever, really funny, both accurate & also skewed in equal degrees.


Perhaps one thing the Boffin liked & drew me to steampunk is my 'theory' it encourages people to personal creativity at many different levels.  The 'theory' that anyone can join in and have a go at 'steampunk'. 

...and for some that may mean simply 'Gluing some gears on' something.

That includes the Boffin to a greater or lesser degree, who just likes to tinker with resources available.  Those resources being (1) personal level of ability (2) materials I can afford/access.

Boffins Bunker Android Robot Desktop Pen holder
(Gears & stuff glued to 1980's plastic toy tat)

However having sniffed around the steampunk world there is a definite whiff of elitist snobbery  wafting up from behind a veil of otherwise polite & congenial conversation generally encountered in Aether web online steampunk circles.  

Much of this 'from beneath petticoat snipping' seems aimed at some eBay & Etsy contributors. (No, the Boffin does not sell on Etsy or eBay, but who is to say I won't?)

Ok, yes, the Boffin concedes there are some truly awful screaming gaffs out there for sale masquerading as steampunk. Some of which elicit even from the Boffin a response of 'you are joking', (Which is why there is the saying :- 'Caveat emptor'... Buyer Beware), but there are crafters genuinely skilled, creative & finding their own style, level & abilities...and having fun & maybe even making a penny or two!

There really are some stonking creative, skilled & astoundingly talented people contributing to the craft of steampunk aesthetic/genre.  Some more or perhaps differently skilled than others. Boffin weeps in complete & unabashed jealousy at the mind boggling talent abilities of some to create wondrous works of art, be it an object or like clothing that Boffin cannot even aspire too stitch together (as some steampunk clothing are surely a work of art).

The Corkscrew : Rob Higgs : Artist in Cornwall
Yes it really opens & pours a bottle of wine!

Britain's certainly got talent, (as have some resident crafters/artists in Cornwall) but in levels of physical & craft creativity which is often overlooked,  as demonstrated by the UK government expressed intent to drop crafts from list of creative industries

Having seen what is sometimes considered & constitutes as highbrow 'ART' by elitists drawing up the short list for such as the prestigious Turner Prize award, actually gluing some gears onto 1980's plastic tat & spaying it copper & calling it Steampunk, in comparison the Boffin finds sticky fingers to be most creative (& therapeutic) indeed.

This Boffin will continue to glue on gears & calling it steampunk.

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