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Success in Breeding Rare Cornish Coppermine Nautilus Cephalopod

Rare Cornish Coppermine Nautilus now
successfully breed in captivity by Boffins Bunker Laboratory
Success in Breeding Rare Cornish Crypto-zoological
Steampunk Coppermine Nautilus Cephalopod

With so many species on the CITES endangered species list it is always good news when a crypto-zoological creature is saved from brink of extinction. 
That's what has happened in Cornwall (UK) thanks to brilliant work of Professor Boffins Bunker (me).  The incredibly rare & seldom before seen Cornish Coppermine Nautilus has now been successfully breed in captivity in Boffins secret steampunk laboratory in Cornwall.
Rare Cornish Coppermine Nautilus
in tin colouration embryonic stage 
What is known about Cornish Coppermine Nautilus? 
Cornwall is extremely rich in mineral deposits like tin, lead, copper, even gold & has been extensively mined over millennium from pre-Roman times to the point where certain parts of Cornwall are like a Swiss cheese, with many holes & tunnels boring through it (ex. St. Day & Redruth). 
What is far less known are some of the crypto-zoological species which are now said to inhabit these primarily abandoned cave & mine tunnel networks. For example the Cave-mouth dwelling Cornish Copper legged tarantula or the aquatic Cornish Coppermine Nautilus.
Cornish Coppermine Nautilus are thought may originally have been marine cave dwelling creatures from around the Cornish coast which have subsequently found their way into flooded mine shafts & tunnels.  Here they have adapted & evolved to live in such a hostile heavy metal mineral deposit environment.
Rare Cornish Coppermine Nautilus
in pre-copper metal colouration stage
The Boffins laboratory breed species go through various stages of development:-

(i)  Embryonic tin coloured stage
(ii) Pink/beige secondary stage (pre being fed copper mineral heavy deposits)
(ii) Copper stage (maturity)

Rare Cornish Brass Cephalopod Octopus,
also breed in Boffins Bunker Laboratory
Boffins said; "We are delighted with our laboratory successes to date in proliferating  these rare & lesser known Cornish creatures.  Whilst we deplore some irresponsible genetic DNA tinkering & Frankenstein like modification between non-related species, we ourselves are at the very forefront of pushing the boundaries of pseudo-science crypto-zoology in Cornwall.  In time we hope to bring even more lesser known species to the attention of a wider public, funding permitting"

Besides the Cornish Coppermine Nautilus, there are a already number of crypto-zoological species quite unique or rare to Cornwall which have successfully come out of the Boffins Laboratory.  These include various Fiji-mermaid like creatures, the previously mentioned copper legged cave tarantula, & examples of what some have referred to as 'dead-fairies', plus the aquatic Cornish pasty crimped jellyfish species.

To contact Boffins Bunker simply join twitter for laboratory updates & find him loitering there!

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